History of FIM

In 2005 the Pastors, Committee of the Ivory Coast made up of pastors from 45 denominations of about 3000 pastors with the approval of the FIM Board in the United States, ordained Pastor Anthony Yeboah as a Bishop.

On August 4, 2007, Bishop Anthony Yeboah was the proud recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Latin University of Theology based in Inglewood, California. Dr Clyde Rivers Commissioner of Africa presented Bishop Anthony Yeboah with the degree at a special ceremony at Mount Hope Church in Portland, Michigan.

Speaking of Bishop Yeboah, Dr. Rivers said, “It is easy to go to a university for eight years to get a doctorate. But this one has cost you almost your whole life —It is a great privilege for Latin University of Theology to offer and confer this upon you.”

With the help of God through the support of some Jewish organizations, Christian foundations, other Christian organizations, churches, and individual families, Anthony Yeboah’s vision for the next five years is to reach out to over 300 million Muslims with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through a Satellite Project. Continue to put up huge crusades and plant churches, build Bible Schools, build orphanages in African countries, use a project of rice to feed, give jobs to millions of people in Africa, and start businesses to fund some of these projects.

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